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Random X-Animations: Scott Summers teaching class in X-Men 2000

Okay, but tell me what possible reason is there for Jean to be in this class? It’s not her fucking class.  Is she required to be there in case someone is too shy to ask a question about cars — that way she can read their mind (w/o permission, mind you)?  Is she there to make sure that the students aren’t planning to steal a car?  I mean, c’mon.  She has no place in this class other than to remind everyone that she has to be the center of the world.  She has to be wherever Cyclops is to remind people that she’s got him by the short and curlies and that she’s about to put him through the wringer of her self-centered need to make him fight for her attention.  Let’s face it, she’s not going to work on a car, after all.  Not when she can simper at Cyke (or Logan) and quite possibly use her telepathy to push them at her beck and call.  Ugh.  

Never mind the President of the United States. Cyclops should be the next Captain America. He’d make a better job of it than Aryan Steve.

No, they’ve already got it covered who’ll take over as Captain America, and I don’t see too much wrong with that (until they drag Old Man Steve back into it).  Cyclops doesn’t need to be Captain America.  Ever.  Cyclops doesn’t need to be stuck in the mantle of an ofttimes too patriotic (or worse, nationalistic) asshat, upholding the values of one country alone.  

I had almost forgotten this existed and now I wanna smash everything all over again. What a huge stinking load of bullshit.

Yeah.  I thought so, too.  I mean, it didn’t say ‘one shot’ on the fucking cover.  It said #1 on it, which lent itself to having more in a series.  So this asshole’s answer to all the ‘problems’ is for Jean to come back, wipe everyone out and start again with her at the center of the fucking story.  

Fuck that and fuck them and I don’t accept it.  

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